What’s a BallQube?

If you’re asking yourself, “What’s a BallQube?”– It’s best described by a poem written over 2,500 years ago…


Thirty spokes share the wheel’s hub,

It is the centre hole that makes it useful.

Shape clay into a vessel,

It is the space within that makes it useful.

Cut doors and windows for a room,

It is the holes which make it useful.

Therefore profit comes from what is there,

Usefulness from what is not there.

___Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

 BallQube’s mission is to provide a clear and classic space to protect and display the prized possessions of sports fans of all ages.

We are a company created by sports fans for sports fans. BallQube invented and patented the original two-piece, square sports display (US Patent No. D498.502). Since the 1980’s, we’ve manufactured all of our products in our Texas facility. Our seasoned team of hard working professionals dedicate themselves each day to making crystal clear, high quality sports displays and delivering them on time to our customers.

How will selling BallQube displays improve your company’s bottom line?

  • In addition to the attractiveness of our classic design, BallQube provides vibrant, modern packaging which consumers find appealing.
  • Selling BallQube displays yields high margins and an approximately 30-day inventory turnover.
  • Because BallQube’s products are manufactured in our Texas facility we provide quick order turnaround and caring customer service.
  • You will never have to worry about overseas price fluctuations or import issues since BallQube’s products are made in the USA.
  • BallQube has more than twenty years of experience working with large retailers and complying with each company’s vendor compliance rules.
  • BallQube can ship to your distribution centers with products ready to place on your stores’ shelves with your company’s price stickers.
  • If you desire, BallQube can customize items to be placed inside of our displays. Contact us with the details.