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The 7 Best Blogs for Moms of Girls to Follow

Mommy bloggers offer some of the best parenting advice you can find on the internet, using their first-hand experiences. They also provide a community for moms to reach out with issues they have and get advice from people who have faced those same issues in the past.

These women don’t just share personal experiences – they share honest experiences to show other moms that everyone struggles with a few things, and that is totally fine.

For moms of girls, here’s a list of blogs you can connect with, learn from and build fun relationships through!

1. Sports Girls Play

This blog is a goldmine for moms with girl athletes. It covers all topics relating to girls in sports and every blog post is filled with helpful, applicable tips. They also cover the whole age range so whether your daughter is just starting her very first gymnastics class, or she’s in college playing all kinds of sports, they’ve got you covered.

2. Pretty Prudent

Jaime and Jacinda, who both run the Pretty Prudent blog, are a wealth of resources for awesome DIY projects your girl(s) will love. They show their readers how to make special treats, crafts, gardening ideas, DIY ideas for clothing, embroidery, and so much more! Jamie, who is an avid traveler, brings to her audience new places to fall in love with. She’s also a great photographer and captures scenes beautifully.

3. Gold Medal Mom

Although Gold Medal Mom is more of a community that offers coaching services to both parents and their athletes, they run a very resourceful blog full of helpful information. Most of their articles are written by sports moms and athletes, and they share real, uncut versions of their experiences.

4. 100 Days of Real Food

This blog was started as a challenge by Lisa, who wanted to cut out processed foods from her family’s diet. She decided to embark on a 100-day journey of eating only fresh, home-cooked food. She managed to spend just $125 per week on meals for her family of four. This blog is filled with so many great recipes; it’s basically a free cookbook with the healthiest family meals.

5. The Mom on the Move

Anitra talks about every concern a sports mom could have. Her tips cover topics ranging from time management to the best sunscreens to use while at a game. Her focus is helping sports moms like her do more in less time and with less stress.

6. A Mom’s Take

This blog is run by four moms who share their parenting experiences and the solutions that have worked for them when faced with specific challenges. A section of the blog is dedicated to helping other mom bloggers grow their audience. They also share different recipes for healthy, easy-to-make family meals for when you literally just want to ‘throw’ something together.

7. Making Time for Mommy

Their tagline is “because you can’t pour from an empty pitcher”, and that is something we can all agree on. This blog was started by Alicia, who by the time her son was a month old, knew she needed to find a way to make time for herself so she could be the best for her son. Now, along with her mom team of writers, she updates moms everywhere on fun ways they can spend their personal time. She also shares fun family activity ideas which everyone can participate in.

Think this list is missing something? Let us know what mom blogs are at the top of yours. You can also go to our online store to choose from our collection of display cases every proud mama needs to keep mementos for years to come!

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The 7 Best Blogs for Moms of Boys to Follow

There are so many creative, talented mamas out there, ready to share their experiences along with tips, tricks, and ideas that have made parenting an easier journey for them. This means that moms everywhere have the opportunity to plug in easily and learn from other mothers.

These blogs are run (or have articles written) by women who know first-hand what taking care of active, energetic boys round the clock means.

These moms are committed to documenting their journeys; the good, the bad and the tear jerking, and they offer real-time solutions to moms who face the same issues in their everyday lives.

1. Sports Mom Survival Guide

This is one of the most comprehensive blogs you can find for moms with active boys. It covers everything from coaching to clothing, fun activities, celebrating your child’s achievements, recipes, time management and even apps that help make your life a lot easier. There are several helpful categories to help you find everything easily. This blog should be at the top of your list.

2. jbm thinks

This blog is run by Janis, a sports mom whose passion is to help overwhelmed parents support their kids in their sporting activities. She even offers a free book on her blog called “Team Parent Survival Guide” – for anyone needing some tips on handling it all, her site is a gem.

3. Lady and the Blog

If you often find yourself dangerously close to a meltdown, and you need some relaxing ‘me time’, then you need to head to Vera’s blog. She talks about the latest trends in food and style. She also gives helpful tips on things you can do in your free time, and how to score some free time! One of the best parts of her blog is her Reviews page, where she talks about her personal experience with products and services for both moms and kids.

4. The Resourceful Mother

Health and nutrition are always a major concern for parents of very active children. This is why Meredith, a pediatric nutritionist, started her parenting blog, focused specifically on child nutrition. She shares very helpful food and wellness information, along with some personal and motivational notes.

5. Mommy Poppins

This blog provides a comprehensive list of fun activities you can do with your children. It’s also sectioned by regions so you can select your region and see all the kids’ classes, parties and other events close to you. If you’re planning a fun day out for your kids or a birthday party, you should check this blog for amazing options.

6. Family Focus Blog

This blog is all about sharing relatable experiences and giving helpful advice on activities and practices that help to build a united home. Most of its articles talk about family life and how to grow a beautiful relationship with your children.

7. The Taylor House

Using her blog, Chrissy shares all the fun projects and activities that go on in the Taylor house, with her audience. If you need a good resource for DIY ideas and organization hacks, this blog should be at the top of your list. She also shares the personal finance and savings tips she uses, so you can try them out too.

What’s your favorite mom blog? Leave it in the comments below so other mamas can follow it too! While you’re here, check out our collection of unique cases to protect your kids’ memorabilia. There’s a BallQube for every sports item with a story.

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A Tribute To Volunteer Coaches

As a kid, you probably never stopped to think about why your Little League coaches were coaching your team. They were probably a couple dads who had kids on the team, and that was enough reason in your mind. But as we get older, and maybe have kids of our own playing Little League, it’s clear that volunteering to coach a team is a bigger responsibility than it appeared when we were young.

In fact, volunteer coaches are a big part of what makes organized children’s sports possible. No one’s getting paid to coach a team of fourth graders throughout the summer. It’s a job that they take on for a variety of reasons.

Why They Do It

Maybe they do have kids on the team, but if that was the only reason, then every parent would be trying to coach (some still do from the sidelines, of course). But usually most parents are content to let someone else handle the coaching. That’s because it’s a big responsibility. It’s months of organizing and showing up to practices, making sure everyone gets playing time, giving after-game talks, and every other duty, big and small, that comes with the coaching gig.

At BallQube, we remember quite a few of our volunteer coaches. Some did it because they loved the game and loved to teach kids how to play the right way. Others did it because the team needed a coach and they decided to step up and fill the position.

What They Give

Volunteer coaches also provide a role model and an example for kids. Many of us clearly remember that coach who used to yell and lose his cool, but for every one of those types of coaches, there are usually about nine level-headed volunteer coaches.

The example they provide for players is one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not only are they giving guidance and instruction, but they’re also preparing kids to step up when they’re finally asked to volunteer and do something for free. Seeing a volunteer coach who puts their heart into a team, despite not being rewarded financially, is a valuable life lesson for children.

What You Can Do

So the next time your kid’s volunteer coach is dragging equipment onto the field, showing up to practice in their work clothes, or just hitting pop ups to a group of players, take the time to thank them for everything they do for your kids.

A great end of season gift is a ball or bat signed by all the players on the team. A memento like that will be something that a volunteer coach holds onto and treasures for years to come. Up on the mantle, protected in its case, the ball will always be a reminder of the work they did and the fun they had.

Have you thought about becoming a volunteer coach? You don’t have to have a child on the team to do so. In fact, many organizations need coaches with a love of the game and a sense of responsibility. If that sounds like you, then contact your local Little League, parks and rec, or other youth sports organizations and ask about coaching.

Got a great story about a volunteer coach? Share it with everyone in the comments below!

Father's Day

Why Dad Deserves A BallQube For Father’s Day

June 18th is right around the corner, and if you don’t have a particularly special gift for Dad already picked out, then you just might want to consider a BallQube case. They’re a fantastic gift for any dad who has some sports memorabilia to protect—whether he’s an avid collector or just has one special, autographed ball. In any case, Dad deserves a BallQube case this Father’s Day. Here’s why.

He Values Things He Can Use

If your dad is anything like ours, he usually says he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day. He has enough “stuff.” But he also values useful items that are built to last and perform their job well. BallQube cases fit that description perfectly.

He’d Build His Own If He Could

Dad is pretty handy, and he hates paying for something he can do himself. If he could build a UV resistant, two-piece display case that fits together seamlessly, he would. However, that’s a pretty tall order, even for Dad, so it might be better if you went ahead and got him one for Father’s Day.

He Kept You Safe For Years

So why not return the favor and help him keep something else safe? Dad prevented many a disaster when you were too young to take care of yourself, and few more disasters when you were old enough to think that you could take care of yourself. He took it all in stride and prized your safety over everything. That’s probably worth a case for his Roberto Clemente autographed ball, right?

He Was The One Who Taught You To Love The Game

Now, we know there are plenty of moms out there who brought their children up to appreciate the crack of the bat or the thrill of the kickoff return, but dads have a special place in many of our memories when it comes to sports. So now’s the time to give him a gift that that represents special memories. You know how much that piece of memorabilia means to dad because he took you to your first game, showed you how to throw a curveball, and gave you a pep talk after a tough loss. It’s only right that you should help him preserve his memorabilia with a BallQube case.

There’s A Good Chance He’ll Be Passing It On To You

While we wouldn’t recommend pure self-interest as the motivation behind any gift, it shouldn’t be lost on you that your dad’s autographed ball or jersey is the type of thing that he one day might hand down to someone else. That someone, potentially, being you. So, you know, it might be a good idea to help him preserve it.

So whatever the reason, don’t just pick out a new tie or shirt for Dad this Father’s Day. Get him something he can really use and enjoy. Check out our huge selection of durable, clear cases—all made in the USA—and find the perfect one for Dad’s sports memorabilia.

MLB Teams Celebrating Military Veterans

One of the great practices that has developed over the years is the recognition of our military veterans by MLB teams. Whether it’s the veterans discount, a national anthem sung by a military member, or even a surprise reunion at the field, baseball teams and the MLB are stepping up to support our veterans. There are also plenty of individual events and promotions put on by the teams, and we wanted to share a few with you. You might not be able to make it to all of them, but chances are you’re close to one or two this summer.

New York Yankees Military Appreciation Day

Head to Yankee Stadium on Saturday, July 29th when the Yankees host the Rays, and you’ll be a part of a great Military Appreciation Day. Not only that, but the first 18,000 guests will receive a camouflage cap. You’ll get to show your support for our military and veterans, as well as coming away with a cool hat.

St. Louis Cardinals Military Appreciation Night

On Friday July 7th, the Cardinals will host the Mets for their inaugural Military Appreciation Night celebrating our troops and veterans. Any fan who purchases a special theme ticket will receive an exclusive cap that supports their favorite military branch. And remember, a portion of the proceeds from each ticket will be donated to the USO.

San Diego Padres Military Salute Series

The Padres are one team that goes above and beyond when it comes to celebrating our troops and veterans. Their promotional schedule includes at least one Military Salute game in every month of the season. The Salute games range from appreciation for veterans to recognition of military spouses and also include each branch of the military. Take a look at their promo schedule to find the Military Salute game (or games!) that you can make it to.

Arizona Diamondbacks Military and First Responder Discounts

There aren’t any more military appreciation games left in the Diamondbacks’ schedule, but that’s hardly a reason not to head to the games. Each month they have several games that are discounted for members of the military and first responders. There are plenty of games to choose from, so you can easily fit one into your schedule this summer.

Salute and Serve Mondays at Marlins Park

The Miami Marlins have a great promotion going this season. Any U.S. military member, veteran, firefighter, or police officer can show their official service ID at the ticket office and receive two complimentary tickets. That’s every Monday at Marlins Park. This may actually be the best promotion we’ve come across, and we applaud the Marlins for their generosity towards those who keep us safe.

At BallQube, we love seeing so many of our MLB teams celebrate our American heroes. All our products are proudly made in America, and we’re always ready to support our troops and veterans. If your team wasn’t on the list, then check out their promotion schedule online to see if there’s a game that you could attend to show your support.

Why Little League Is Such An Enduring Institution

Little League has been around since 1939, which means at this point there are several generations who have grown up playing Little League. Parks around the country continually fill their baseball diamonds with children every summer, and crowd the first and third base lines with parents in folding chairs.

Little League just seems like a fundamental part of childhood, holding onto our imaginations while other sports and trends tend to come and go. So what’s the enduring appeal? Why does Little League seem to be a universal part of growing up in America?

Part of it has to do with the benefits that kids get from playing Little League baseball. Of course, the game itself is a fun pastime, but there are plenty of crucial skills that children work on when they’re playing baseball.

  • Children have to learn patience, how to pay attention to the game, and when to focus themselves on the field. These are all essential qualities for a ballplayer, but they also spill over into many other areas of life. Learning to be a little more disciplined on the field can translate to better focus in the classroom or at home, too.
  • Kids also get a lesson in communication every time they step onto the diamond. A baseball team that doesn’t communicate well is a baseball team that won’t be winning a lot of games. Little League gives kids an opportunity to build those communication skills and socialize with other children. They have to learn to work together as a team to win.
  • That brings us to another benefit of Little League—instilling the idea of teamwork and cooperation. In some sports, one or two great players can completely change the game. In baseball there isn’t the option to pass the ball to a better teammate when it comes your way. Each player is involved in the game, and they all have to learn to work together and encourage each other in order to win.
  • Unfortunately, not every team can win every game. That’s another lesson that Little League teaches children. It’s okay to lose sometimes, as long as you’ve given it your best effort. It’s a gentle way to prepare them for inevitable disappointments that will come their way later in life. Little League teaches kids that it’s how you react to a loss that really matters.

The kids probably aren’t thinking about the life lessons that they’re learning on the diamond, but looking back, they’ll see some important, character building moments in their childhood.

Parents who have played Little League themselves realize this, and that’s why they continue to encourage their kids to play.

Did your kid get a trophy this year from Little League? If so, that’s great! But if the team didn’t exactly end up on top of the division, then maybe another reminder of the season is in order. Instead of a participation trophy, why not have the team and coaches sign baseballs for each player instead? It’s a great memento for the players to have as they get older, and they’re easy to protect and cherish for years to come!

Top 10 Things You Can Protect With BallQube

When many people think of BallQube, they tend to think of our original display cases for baseballs. That’s understandable. “Ball” is in the name, after all. But BallQube cases protect much, much more than just baseballs. There’s a case for just about any sports memorabilia item out there. Check out the top 10 items that you can protect with one of our cases.

10. Autographed or Game Worn Jerseys

That’s right, now you don’t have to hang them up in the closet and watch them gather dust. Got a signed jersey that you’re proud to show off to company? Then order yourself a case for it and hang it on the wall where it belongs.

9. Footballs

Of course there’s a case for footballs—what else would you do with that John Elway autographed ball that you’ve had for twenty years? That’s a classic. Show it off with pride using one of our cases.

8. Treasured Cards

Every baseball card collector dreams of finding those rare rookie cards, and worries about keeping the cards in great condition. Baseball cards are probably the least durable items on this list, and they need plenty of protection.

7. Hockey Pucks

ESPN may not cover hockey, but we know that it’s near and dear to many people’s hearts. If you’ve got an autographed puck, then you’ll want a case to show it off.

6. Hockey Sticks

But what do you do with an autographed hockey stick? It’s huge and unwieldy, surely there’s no case for that? Not true, BallQube has a quality case made specifically for hockey sticks.

5. Autographed Hats

Have you ever been taken by surprise and needed something for a player to sign quickly? Popping the ball cap off your head and handing it to him is often the only move you can make when your hands are empty. And we’ve got cases for those, as well.

4. Baseball Bats

An autographed bat can actually be a beautiful addition to a room. All the different shades and colors of wood deserve to be shown off in a clear case. You’ll love seeing it above your mantle or on the wall in the rec room.

3. Golf Balls

We certainly haven’t forgotten about all the golfers out there. That’s why we created a special, smaller case that’s perfect for holding your signed golf balls and keeping them clean and white.

2. Collectible Cereal Boxes

Okay, so these might even be less durable than baseball cards, and they deserve to be kept safe from any destructive forces. If you’ve been collecting Wheaties boxes for years, then you might want to stock up on these cases.

1. Autographed Baseballs

They’re number one on this list for a reason. There’s just something special about seeing a row of autographed baseballs in pristine condition inside their cases. It doesn’t have to be a ball signed by a pro, either.

Many Little League teams now give out participation trophies, but if you ask the kids, most of them don’t really want those trophies. Instead, you can get the coaches and players to sign balls as keepsakes. A ball signed by the entire team, and sitting in a display case, is a much better reminder of your season than a participation trophy.

So many people have autographed baseballs and other memorabilia that they want to keep protected. At BallQube, we understand because we’re collectors, too. That’s why we’ve built so many different and unique cases. Check them all out today and find the perfect case for your memorabilia!

4 Blogs Every Memorabilia Collector Should Be Following

Sports memorabilia collecting is a great way to have fun, build a beautiful collection, and make connections with other people who share your interests. Before the internet, it may have been difficult to find people outside of your immediate friends who were passionate about collecting.

But now there are tons of resources available for you to use to learn more about your favorite subject and become part of an online community. At BallQube, we know a thing or two about memorabilia, and we’re all about helping our customers continue their collecting. So we thought we’d bring you a few of our favorite memorabilia collecting blogs.

Sports Collectors Daily

Sports Collectors Daily publishes fresh, original content consistently, with at least 20 new posts a month. Rather than regurgitate older writing, they rely on a system of talented contributors and industry contacts to bring you the memorabilia news that you want to see every week. Since June 2006, they’ve published over 10,000 pieces of content regarding memorabilia collecting across a wide spectrum. Game worn jerseys, baseball cards, balls, and other rare memorabilia are all featured in their articles. You’ll find something new and interesting every time you visit.

Just Collecting

The name tells you a lot of what you need to know about this great site. It’s all about sports collecting, and they have a huge selection of blog posts and news for you to pass the time with. They also allow you to showcase your own collection and sell it through their site. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to become part of their growing community of collectors from around the world. You’ll have the chance to talk about your passion with like-minded folks from all over the place, and you can get insights into the value of items in your collection.

Sports Collectors Digest

Though it’s also a magazine, Sports Collectors Digest has an often-updated blog that covers a wide range of topics. The magazine is billed as the oldest and largest publication dedicated to sports collecting, and the blog continues in that vein. They cover news and updates on everything from the sale of Muhammad Ali’s boxing gloves to baseball cards. Perfect for anyone looking to find some high quality news about their hobby.

SCP Auctions Blog

SCP Auctions is an auction house devoted specifically to sports memorabilia and cards, and their blog is a great look into some of the most valuable and rare items on the market. It’s easy to get lost scrolling through all the different auction blog posts, and you can see what some of the most valuable pieces of memorabilia really go for at an actual auction. Don’t you want to know what Babe Ruth’s 1938 New York World’s Fair Uniform sold for?

Got a memorabilia blog that you couldn’t go a week without reading? Then leave it in the comments below. And while you’re here, check out the archives of our own BallQube blog for more great stories and tips on memorabilia collecting.

Inspirational Little League Stories

Most of us fondly remember our Little League days, even if we grew up into spectators rather than pros. It’s really just the joy of playing the game and not taking yourself too seriously at the end of the day.

Little League is great because it teaches kids to work as a team and to accept both success and failure gracefully. But sometimes it can go even further, and end up truly inspiring the parents coaches who get to watch the game. Check out some of these Little League stories for a dose of inspiration today.

Cumberland American Coach’s Speech

If you haven’t seen this video of Cumberland American’s coach David Belisle consoling his team after a heartbreaking loss in the Little League World Series, then you should definitely take a few minutes to watch it. It’s a great speech aimed at teaching the kids that winning really isn’t everything. Instead, it’s the fight and the work that you put into the game. It’s a fantastic speech that will surely stay with his players for years, and maybe it will stick with you, as well.

They’re Just Kids

This story comes to us from Glendale, Wisconsin, and it’s something that a lot of parents, and even coaches, need to see from time to time. We’ve all experienced the parents who get out of hand when it comes to Little League games, and it seems that one baseball league in Glendale had enough. They put up signs on the fences to notify parents that:

1.These are KIDS.
2.This is a GAME.
3.Coaches are VOLUNTEERS.
4.Umpires are HUMAN.
5.Your child is NOT being scouted by the Brewers today.

All great reminders that in the end, it really is just a game, and the kids should be having fun.

Challenger Little League

Little League is popular with almost every kid growing up, but there are some who never get a chance to play, and that’s a shame. But the Freehold Area Challenger Little League program aims to change that. Challenger is a league developed for kids with special needs, such as autism or Down Syndrome. The game itself is scaled for each individual player’s skills, and it gives them an important place to interact, have fun, and build social skills.

Each player is paired with a “buddy”—a volunteer from a local high school who helps them through the game and cheers them on when they need it most. The bond is special for both the player and their buddy, and many volunteers from high school stay on for years afterward.

It’s a fantastic idea that helps make sure that everyone has a chance to play some ball while they’re growing up, regardless of any special needs.

We hope that these stories brought you a little inspiration today. If you’re looking for more great stories, tips about getting autographs, or sports discussions, then check out the rest of the BallQube blog today!


It’s Not Just A Ball, It’s Your Story

At BallQube, we know a thing or two about collecting memorabilia. It’s what we do, and it’s why we started building our legendary cases for other collectors.

What does that mean, though, memorabilia? The dictionary definition tells us that memorabilia is an object “kept or collected because of their historical interest, especially those associated with memorable people or events.”

But is that it? Is it just an object? Just a ball that you picked up years ago and still hold on to for “historical interest?” We don’t think so, and that’s because we know that it’s more than just a ball—it’s your story.

Remember the day you got that autograph? Your dad took you to the game two hours early so you could get down to the field level for BP. You were leaning over the wall, holding out your ball while jammed in between two bigger kids. For a few minutes you thought he’d never grab your ball, but suddenly he turned back your way, took it from your hand, and scribbled that great signature before handing it back.

Or maybe you’d spent a year or two searching around for the autograph you wanted, getting outbid, and generally feeling like you could never afford the astronomical prices that the final bids reached. But your sister’s husband is friends with a guy who owns a car dealership and sold a car to your favorite childhood player. And it turns out he got a few things signed during the deal. Suddenly you’re in luck, and it feels like the whole search has been worth it, all the ups and downs, and all the narrowly missed balls. Now this one’s yours.

Every sports memorabilia collector has a story like this. When they look at that ball sitting safe and sound up on the mantle, it all comes rushing back. Whether it was a childhood memory that makes you smile when you think about Dad, or a lucky break that makes you shake your head in amazement, your ball is more than just leather and laces, it’s your story.

We get it. We know because we’ve got plenty of stories of our own wrapped up in balls, bats, and jerseys that we’ve treasured for years. And that’s why we’re always working hard to provide you (and ourselves) with the clearest, most durable protection for those treasures.

Whether you need to protect them from your 7-year-old’s friend Ben, who drops everything he touches, or just from the UV rays that can fade away your autograph, we’ve got you covered at BallQube. Over the years we’ve developed the best cases for holding your memorabilia. Tough, stackable, and always made in America, these are the cases that you need to hold all your precious memorabilia. Because they represent the memories and relationships that you treasure so much.